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Fruits Expand
Item Unit Quantity Box Quantity
Apple Expand
Golden Delicious Kg Box
Granny Smith Kg Box
Pink Lady Kg Box
Fuji Kg Box
Royal Gala Kg Box
Apricots - Seasonal Kg Box
Avocados Each Tray
Bananas Expand
Bananas Med/Lrg Kg Box
Bananas Ex Lrg Kg Box
Berries Expand
Black - Seasonal Pun Tray
Blue - Seasonal Pun Tray
Raspberries - Seasonal Pun Tray
Strawberries Pun Tray
Cherries - Seasonal Kg Box
Citrus Expand
Grapefruit Kg Box
Grapefruit - Ruby Kg Box
Lemons Kg Box
Limes Each Box
Mandarin - Seasonal Kg Box
Orange Kg Box
Orange - Juicing Box
Dates Kg Box
Grapes Expand
Black Kg Box
Green - Seedless Kg Box
Red - Seedless Kg Box
Kiwifruit Each Box
Mango - Seasonal Each Tray
Melon Expand
Rockmelon Each Box
Honeydew Each Box
Watermelon Each Kg
Watermelon - Seedless Each Kg
Nectarine - Seasonal Kg Box
Passion Fruit Each Box
Pears Green Kg Box
Peaches - Seasonal Kg Box
Pineapples Each Box
Plums - Seasonal Kg Box
Vegetables Expand
Item Unit Quantity Box Quantity
Asparagus - seasonal Bun Box
Beans - Green Kg Box
Beetroot Expand
Beetroot Each Deck
Beetroot - Baby Bunch Deck
Broccoli - Normal Kg Box
Broccolini Bun Box
Bok Choy Bun Deck
Bok Choy - Baby Bun Deck
Brussel Sprouts - Seasonal Kg Box
Cabbage Expand
Green Each
Savoy Each
Red Each
Chineese/Wombok Each Box
Capsicum Expand
Green Kg Box
Red Kg Box
Yellow Kg Box
Mixed Kg Box
Carrots Expand
Large Kg Box
Medium Kg Box
Dutch/Baby Bun Deck
Seconds/Large - 20Kg Bag
Cauliflower Each Box
Celery Bun Box
Celeriac Each Deck
Chillies Expand
Bullet - Hot Kg Box
Green - Hot Kg Box
Red - Hot Kg Box
Yellow - Sweet Kg Box
Corn Each Box
Cucumber Expand
Continental Each Bag
Lebanese Kg Box
Eggplant Kg Box
Fennel - Seasonal Each Box
Garlic Expand
Garlic/Asian Bag Box
Garlic/Australian Kg Box
Ginger Kg Box
Leek Bun Box
Lettuce Expand
Chard/Beetroot Leaves 1.5 Kg Box
Cos Each Box
Cos - Baby Each Box
Cos - Baby Leaves Kg
Green Oak Each Box
Iceberg Each Box
Radicchio Each Box
Red Oak Each Box
Salad Mix - 1.5Kg Box
Salad Mix - 3Kg Box
Watercress - 800gm Box
Wild Rocket - 1.5Kg Box
Mushrooms Expand
Button Kg Box
Cups Kg Box
Enoki Pun
Field Kg Box
Portobello Kg Box
Seconds Kg Box
Shitake Pun
Oyster Pun
Swiss Brown Pun Box
Onions Expand
Brown Kg
Brown - 10Kg Bag
Brown Ex Large - 20Kg Bag
Spanish Red Kg
Spanish Red -10Kg Bag
Spring Onion Bun Deck
Parsnips Kg Bag
Peas - Snow Kg Box
Potatos Expand
Chats Kg
Chats - 15Kg Box
Brushed Kg
Brushed - 10Kg Bag
Red Kg
Red - 10Kg Bag
Sweet Kg Box
Washed Kg
Washed - 10Kg Bag
Pumpkin Expand
Butternut Kg Box
Japanese Kg Box
Jaradale Grey Kg Box
Radish Bun Deck
Rhubarb Each
Shallots Kg
Silver beet Bun Deck
Spinach Bun Box
Baby Spinach - 1.5Kg Box
Baby Spinach - 3Kg Box
Sprouts Expand
Alfalfa Pun Box
Bean Shoots Pkt Kg
Snow Pea Sprouts Pkt Kg
Swedes Kg Bag
Squash - Yellow Kg Box
Tomatos Expand
Semi Kg Box
Ripe Kg Box
Roma Kg Box
Cherry Pun Tray
Turnips Kg Box
Zucchini - Green Kg Box
Eggs Expand
Item Unit Quantity Box Quantity
Eggs Medium - 600 Box
Eggs Large - 700 Box
Eggs-Free Range - 600 Box
Herbs Expand
Item Unit Quantity Box Quantity
Basil Bun Deck
Chives Bun Deck
Coriander Bun Deck
Curry Leaves Pkt Kg
Dill Bun Deck
Edible Flowers Pun
Lemongrass Bun Bag
Mint Bun Deck
Mustard Cress Pun
Oregano Bun Deck
Parsley - Curly Bun Deck
Parsley - Continental Bun Deck
Rosemary Bun Deck
Sage Bun Deck
Taragon Bun Deck
Thyme Bun Deck

Importers and Exporters of high quality fresh fruits and vegetables

Afnan Alswaik International L.L.C. is among one of the leading Importers of Fresh Produce, Dates, Eggs, Frozen Meat, Frozen Vegetables, Fresh Meat, Spices, Rice, Pulses, Dry Items and Disposables from around the Globe.

Our Exports are the Fresh Produce which is cultivated in Oman such as Dates, Carrots, Capsicum, Cucumber, Ladies Finger, Eggplant and other Vegetables to Overseas Countries.

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